Build A Smart Home

Building a new home is a great way to customize your living space to suit the needs of you and your family. With an integrative smart home automation solutions from Monomi Automation, we help you make your new home even better by simplify everyday living to help you save time on mundane tasks such as switching light on/off and adjusting the thermostat. Our smart home automation solution focuses on smart, sleek, and seamless designs so that you have more quality time with your family.

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Smart Kitchen renovation in Vancouver

Personalize Your Home

After a long day, it’s nice to know that your personalized smart home is there to provide optimal comfort and enjoyment. From pre-set mood lighting scene to let you catch up on the latest show, to the perfect room temperature on a cold rainy night, your personalized smart home should be smart and savvy like you. Personalized comfort also means that you’re not giving quality. Monomi Automation provides tailored made and personalized smart home automation solutions without compromising internet bandwidth or connectivity. So whether you’re planning to smarten one room or the whole house, Monomi has the ideal smart home solution for you.

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Automating a house to save energy in Yellowknife and Vancouver

Get Your Home To Think Green

Living in a home shouldn’t mean you have to run around the house to make sure the lights are turned off, or the temperature is turned down. We help you reduce your home’s energy footprint by automating temperature, lights, ventilation, blinds and energy generation. There are many other ways that automation can help you reduce your footprint, like activating heat, circulation pumps, monitoring tank levels, collecting rain water based on temperature, etc. In addition to ensure off-grid functionality we work only with systems that are cloud-free so your house doesn’t need the internet to be smart.

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Builder using home automation to make a futureproof and green home in Vancouver

Build Smart, Green and Futureproof Homes

Builders have to stay up-to-date with technology to ensure they are building the best homes for their clients. At Monomi Automation we work directly with builders and their existing trade relationships to ensure the most cost effective, energy reducing and client centric automation solutions on their projects. When implementing home automation, it is important that the system works without the internet (cloud free) so when showing the home, it has complete functionality for potential home-owners. As such Monomi focuses only on  multiple cloud-free automation solutions, so the newly built homes aren’t left waiting for internet connections to function. In addition, we help builders provide additional support to their end clients, we our free end client follow-up, so you can be sure that after you’ve sold your house, the homeowners has the appropriate technical and knowledge support to fully maximize their home automation system.

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Commercial Automation of indoor storage facility consisting of temperature, lights and security

Monitor, Control and Automate Your Assets

Businesses invested thousands of dollars in their assets to ensure their businesses run smoothly, at Monomi we help reduce the stress and worrying by your operations team to make sure your investments are properly monitored, controlled or automated. We can easily send notifications over email or cell phone to notify the appropriate team members of any changes to sensors and inputs that you need to monitor. For example, this can mean controlling the temperature, lights, fridges, pumps, valves, door locks, generators or video cameras. Contact us to get a free consultation on how automation can help reduce worry and stress and allow your team to stay focused on your business.

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Making inspiring spaces

We see every project as a chance to simplify and improve everyday living for everyday people.

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