Including home automation into your new build doesn’t just increase comfort for your client, it increases profitability as a home builder too. Homes with lighting, climate and security automation sell faster and for more than houses without automation. No matter the size of your build. Monomi can help you be the leading smart home builder in your area.

Custom home builders

Provide a reliable solution that doesn’t steal data.

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Passive homes

Maximized efficiency through a smart home

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Residential homes

Get a customized solution that is easily scalable.

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Comfort for your client. Profitability for you.

Give your clients the ultimate in comfort, efficiency, and peace of mind while increasing your profit margins. Smart homes sell faster and every dollar spent on automating a home will return multiple in the selling asking price.

Custom, passive and standard homes.

No matter what your new home plans, Monomi has the products and expertise to make your home build stand out, be super efficient or create a unique offer that is easily repeatable for multiple units to keep costs down.

Options and more options

Yes, we can automate that. From lighting and blinds to climate and heat recovery all the way to audio-video and security and locks. Monomi has the expertise with the Loxone Automation system to ensure your new smart build goes smoothly.

Easy installation

You have enough on your plate on your build. With Monomi, there’s no additional complexity. We specialize in management of integration into your new build and will take care of all the complexities of install working with your existing traders and project managers.

Making inspiring spaces

We see every project as a chance to simplify and improve everyday living for everyday people.

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