This holiday shopping season, smart home products have finally made it to top of the consumer wish list. With the two global tech powerhouses, Google and Amazon, battling it out with their respective Google Home and Amazon Echo, consumers are starting to get a taste of what smart home control and automation can do to improve their quality of life.

Yet, as anybody who has a small understanding of a true full home automation, the current smart assistants with speakers are simply a control device that is voice activated. Canadians from Vancouver, BC to Sydney, NS are starting to be more aware of the added value of full smart home automation.

Full home smart automation encompasses an integrative solution to connect and automate many aspects of your home; including security, entertainment and appliances. As a matter of fact, one Nielsen study points out that Canadians are willing to pay a premium for connected technology for security (16.3%), home automation (17.6%), connected entertainment (16.5%) and connected appliances (18.4%).

Another study by NDP Group, showed that over 80 per cent of Canadian consumers are aware of home automation products, with 60 percent expresseing interest in purchasing at least one home automation products in the near future. But the share of smart home product ownership is still relatively low at 16 per cent. This study is a couple of years old, so it’s a safe bet that the number Canadians owning at least one home automation products will be at least 25 per cent after this holiday season.

It’s also not surprising that the early adopters of smart home products are younger people, with more than half are under the age of 45 owning a smart home product. However, it’s also worth noting that Canadians with families and even seniors are starting to see the value of smart home products that can help improve their lives and help simplify everyday living as written by Mintel.

We think 2018 will be a breakout year for smart home automation adoption and we’re excited to help homeowners in the Lower Mainland to learn more about how they can turn their ordinary home into a smart and efficient home. We’re planning to host several seminars in the new year, and will announce the details soon. Stay in touch with Monomi through Facebook or LinkedIn to get the latest information and updates.