One of the major reasons we strongly believe that cloud-free home automation is important is due to its reliability. Although cloud-based integration is the cheaper method to do home automation it is by no means the most reliable. As you may have heard earlier this week, Samsung SmartThings outage interrupted smart home integration for almost 24 hours, preventing cloud-based home automation devices from working.

This means customers were not able to turn on the lights from their app or control integrations that were reliant on cloud integration. Essentially their smart homes were no longer smart. This caused major inconveniences for customers who had come to rely on smart devices and integrations to assist with repetitive tasks around the house. To make matters worse, homeowners were unable to get updates from Samsung regarding this issue, which created even more frustrations.

In a cloud-free home automation solution like Loxone, the internet is never needed. Once your house is setup correctly, it always remains smart. Even if your internet goes down for months, or Loxone goes bankrupt (highly unlikely), as long as you have electricity the cloud-free automation solution will keep working, and all the integrations in your house will just keep working.

The Samsung’s SmartThing outage should serve as a reminder to consumers that are considering internet based home automation devices to do their research and take into consideration that service interruptions may happen in your Smart Home. Samsung is a reputable company with top-notch quality and well-secured products. Yet, even with a company as successful as Samsung you still have the risk of outages, because they are fundamentally relying on internet-based integrations to control and automate your home.

Cloud-based smart home integration technology is more complicated, and due to the nature of the technology, are prone to constant attacks and service interruptions. Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit Siri are great products, but because they rely on the internet to operate, it’s highly dependable on your internet connectivity and uptime. It’s like having a self-driving car that needs the internet to autonomously drive… would you trust that?

On the other hand, cloud-free home automation does not require the internet to operate; therefore it has zero reliance on your internet speed, connectivity, and uptime. As long as there is electricity, your cloud-free smart home will continue to operate as it was designed to, allowing you to live comfortably without concern or risk.

Feel free to contact us directly to discuss the differences between cloud-free vs. cloud-based smart home automation. We’ll be more than happy to help you choose a solution that’s best for you and your home.

Until next time, live smart, live sunny, live cloud-free.