Grow your yield

Money doesn’t grow on trees or does it? Create the optimal environment, increase your grow duration and boost the yield of your crop. Lighting and climate automation can make the difference between a good and a great yield.

Create an optimal environment

Give your plants the best conditions to increase grow time and yield by automating lighting, heating, and ventilation.

Safe and secure

Unfortunately, theft and vandalism can be a fact of life. Keep your crop, staff and property safe with security automation including:

  • NFC secure access to sensitive areas of your shop
  • Live stream video, two-way audio and notifications to your mobile device

Decrease utility costs

Growth is good, but at what costs? Reduce your utility usage with automated timer and luminosity based lighting controls so you can scale your business while keeping profitability.

Savings energy can be easy through an automated heat recovery system.

Start Automating Your Greenhouse

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