Highlight your Goods

Highlight your products and increase attention to maximize foot traffic and increase sales. Lighting and A/V automation can be the difference between people walking by and more people walking into your store.

Increase Attention

Increase foot traffic and attention to your retail frontage by automating:

  • Lights for a sequence

  • Video for movement

  • Audio to set the tone of your store

Secure your wares

Why heat your rental when it doesn’t have guests? Alternatively, why wait for your guest to arrive before you make your property comfortable?

Monomi’s light and climate automation can reduce utility wastage by:

  • Turning off your hot tub or pool remotely when not in use
  • Set lighting and climate controls before your guests arrive and after your guests leave

Decrease utility costs

Making a flashy entrance doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your utility bill. Reduce your utility usage with low energy LED bulbs along with automated timer and luminosity based lighting controls.

Use Automation to Get Attention.

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