Customized to fit your build

British Columbia, Canada Home automation with Loxone Electronics, examples of residential and commercial installation, apps and devices.

Give your clients the ultimate in comfort, efficiency and flexibility. As a custom home builder, your main objective is to build your client’s dream home. As expert integrators, Monomi can help you deliver on the automation part of that dream.

Options and more options

Yes, we can automate that. From lighting and blinds to climate and heat recovery all the way to audio/video and security and locks. Monomi has the products and expertise you need to ensure your new smart build goes smoothly.

Easy installation

We work with your existing trades! You have enough on your plate on your build, with us, we aim to reduce that complexity. Specialized in Loxone we will work will all your existing trades to ensure a full smart home, from low voltage, electricians, designers, architects, HVAC, plumbing, pool, and media, we remove the complexity of integration by managing the Smart aspect of your build.

Start Automating. Build futureproof.

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