Passive & high efficiency homes

Efficiency doesn’t have to be complex. Monomi makes it easy for passive home builders to become super efficient. If utility savings and self sustainability is your goal, Monomi can help you deliver.

Efficient to a “t”

Monomi has the products you need to make your build as efficient and passive as possible. From heat recovery to luminosity triggered lighting and much more, Monomi can reduce the carbon footprint and reliance of utilities from your new build.  Specifically:

  • Cooling/heating control
  • Ventilation automation
  • Heat Recovery automation
  • Blind automation based on brightness/luminosity/motion
  • Direct DC LED dimming from a central panel ( (12V or 24V)
  • Alarm / access control
  • Water leak detection
  • Power management

Easy installation

You have enough on your plate on your build. With Monomi, there no additional complexity. Monomi specializes in installation and integration into your new build and will take care of all the complexities of install on time and on budget.

Start automating. Reduce your footprint.

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