Modern homes need strong wifi throughout the house. Have trouble-free wifi inside and outside your house without deadspots. Monomi will be able to provide the best wifi solution for your home while teaching you how to control it.


Sick of having multiple networks names for each device. With mesh networks, we can help

  • Remove all dead spots

  • Provide one login for all devices

  • Teach you to manage wifi on your wifi

home wifi mesh network
Control your wifi


You don’t have to give up control of your internet to your “tech” people. With modern mesh networks and a through proper installation we can show you how to control and manage your wifi and it’s usage in your home.


The reliability of hard wired? Or the flexibility of wireless? Why not both? You don’t have to choose. Monomi offers both wired, wireless or a mix of both options to manage your home wifi system.

Get a wifi boost