Vacation rentals

Airbnb, vacation and cottage homes

Keep your vacation rental safe and profitable. Increase your peace of mind all the while save on utilities with security, climate, and lighting automation.

Increase security and communication

In addition to rest and relaxation, guests staying at your vacation rental expect to be safe, secure and able to reach you in case anything goes wrong.

Monomi’s security automation can:

  • Remotely monitor your rental home or vacation properties
  • Increase security and save time with smart lock and smart security
  • Provide peace of mind knowing that your property is being looked after 24/7
  • Proactively alert you to break-ins, water leakage, or a smoke so you can proactively resolve it to minimize damage.
  • Connect your intercom to your phone to allow for two way guest communication.
Smart Locks and access control

Reduce wastage

Why heat your rental when it doesn’t have guests? Alternatively, why wait for your guest to arrive before you make your property comfortable?

Monomi’s light and climate automation can reduce utility wastage by:

  • Turning off your hot tub or pool remotely when not in use
  • Set lighting and climate controls before your guests arrive and after your guests leave

Start automating. Reduce headaches.

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